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Consol Indonesia

PT. Kimia Konstruksi Indonesia is committed to providing the right construction chemical solutions for all your project needs. With our experience in handling various prestigious construction projects throughout Indonesia, our products and services have been proven and trusted to be the best solutions made by the local company. We provide convenience and complete solutions ranging from consultation, investigation, to procurement of materials and services such as Concrete Admixture, Concrete Repair, Crack Injection to Water Proofing.

CONSOL products made by PT. Kimia Konstruksi Indonesia has been trusted by hundreds of companies as the ultimate solution in obtaining special properties that are difficult to obtain from conventional materials. CONSOL support every manufacturing industry to produce special materials needed in the production process as well as project building process.

PT. Kimia Konstruksi Indonesia and CONSOL products are a solution for you to create what was previously impossible.

Company Profile


To become a leading national company that produces various kinds of construction chemical needs as superior products made by the local company that is able to compete with international products.



  1. Focus on continuous research and development to create product diversification oriented to customer satisfaction.
  2. Maintain mutually beneficial partnership relationships with customers, the environment, employees, and suppliers.
  3. Participate actively as a company that produces environmentally friendly products.
  4. Ensure the occurrence of productivity in all fields to achieve company growth so that employee welfare can be met.

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