A Self-Smoothening Polyurethane Topping

A flow applied, self-smoothening 3 component polyurethane topping for thin layer application and repairs in matt finish. As a new topping over old or wore out polyurethane floors.

Hygienic floor for kitchen, wet areas, beverage processing and packaging plants. Chemical resistance floor for chemical process, contaminant area and wash down rooms. Thermal shock resistance floor for freezers, refrigerators, and oven installed spaces. Mechanically durable floor for loading docks and warehouse.

Consol Ecocrete MF bring some benefits such are : 

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resist bacterial growth, fungi, mould, and mildew
  • Easily cleaned and maintained smooth seamless surface
  • High-density systems with maximum wear, abrasion and impact resistant
  • User -Friendly, N0-Splvent odour during application
  • One of the fastest “turnaround time” polymer modified product which reduces cost
  • High-temperature resistant up to 80°C at 6mm thickness
  • Seamless without joints for optimum sanitation and hygienic finish
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