Admixture for High Strength Concrete

CONSOL N10 MB is a chloride free, high range water reducing admixture. It is based on selected naphthalene sulphonated, which acts optimally on the various constituents of Portland cement. It is also effective on blended cements based on Portland cement and other materials such as pozzolans, fly-ash, and slags. The use of CONSOL N10 MB helps in the production of plastic concrete. CONSOL N10 MB meets the requirements of ASTM C494-92 for type F admixtures.

CONSOL N10 MB is especially suitable for concrete used in the construction of precast elements which requires, excellent workability and high early and final strengths, such as:

  • production of load bearing precast elements (e.g. bridge girders, piles concrete).
  • structures constructed u sing travelling forms and slip forms.
  • insitu casting of structural elements.
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