High Range Water Reducer (Superplasticizer) for Precast Application


CONSOL P116 HE is an innovative polycarboxylic ether (PCE) based superplasticizer ideally suited for precast industry. A specifically designed formulation with active ingredient, CONSOL P116 HE offers excellent dispersion of cement at low water binder ratio and exceptional early strength development.

CONSOL P116 HE complies with ASTM C494/C494M-19 for type F admixtures.

The rapid development of early strength of CONSOL P116 HE allows for zero or minimum application of heating curing processes. The combination of early strength, slump retention and late strength development allows CONSOL P116 HE to meet demanding concreting requirements, often exceeding the performance of conventional superplasticizers.

CONSOL P116 HE is a unique multi purpose superplasticizer that is particulary suitable for the production of precast concrete. Additionally it provides ultra high water reduction, high early strength and excellent flow characteristic. CONSOL P116 HE is used for the following:

  • A wide range of applications where good early strength development are required
  • Concrete with ultra high water reduction (up to 30%)
  • High performance concrete
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