Water Reducing & Set Retarding

CONSOL RETARD 600D is a liquid concrete plasticizer and high range water reducing agent with set retarding effect.

CONSOL RETARD 600D complies with A.S.T.M C 494-92 for type D admixtures


CONSOL RETARD 600D is used as a general purpose admixture when the placing conditions for high quality concrete are more demanding such as :

  • Elevated temperature
  • Fiar faced concrete
  • Pumped concrete
  • Ready mix concrete
  • Area where large volumes must be placed at one time
  • High mechanical strengths are required


CONSOL RETARD 600D provides the following properties :

  • Increased setting time in hot weather. Accelerated hardening after setting
  • Improved workability without increase water content
  • Reduced water without loss of workability
  • Increased strengths
  • Reduced shrinkage and creep
  • Longlasting control of slump loss
  • Better surface finish
  • Chloride free – Does not attact reinforcement
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