Multi-purpose Resin Adhesive, Sealer and Cement Admixture

CONSOLBOND PVAc is a multi-purpose PVA adhesive based on polymerized resins and is a white, non-toxic, water based emulsion of medium viscosity which dries to transparent film.

CONSOLBOND PVAc is suitable when used in :
As multi-purpose adhesive
Bond concrete, bricks, carpet, leather, linoleum, plasterboard, polystyrene, renders, roofing-felt, stone, textile, tiles, wood etc.

As a plaster bonding agent
Reduces hacking and keying, and will provide an adhesive or mechanical key to receive plaster or render coats of gypsum, lightweight gypsum, or anhydrous plasters.

As a bonding agent for tiles
Woodblock, cork, linoleum, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, quarry, polystyrene and acoustic tiles : plasterboard and acoustic board.

  • For repairs to concrete and natural of reconstructed stone
  • Resurfacing, renovation, surface restoration
  • For repairs to concrete and granolithic floors
  • Repairing crakes and holes in cementitious floors. Resurfacing of worn concrete and granolithic floors. Levelling of worn stairs tread.

As a primer for over coating bitumen with oil based paints
For dust proofing floor screeds and friable concrete floorin

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