Consol N11 LN

 High Range Water Reducer (Superplasticizer)

CONSOL N11 LN is a chloride free, high range water reducing admixture. It is based on selected modified naphatalene lingo sulphonate. It is particularly developed for the production of precast concrete that demands high early strength.

CONSOL N11 LN complies with ASTM C494/C494M-19 for type F admixtures.

CONSOL N11 LN is especially suitable for concrete used in the construction of precast elements which requires

  • A wide range of applications where good early strength development are required.
  • High performance concrete
  • Self compacting concrete
  • Watertight concrete (integral waterproofing : Cement content > 350 kg/m3 and W/C < 0.45)


  • High water reduction
  • High early strength
  • Prevent segregation
  • Excellent concrete quality
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